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The Sleep Aid That Gets You The Deep Sleep You’ve Always Wanted

Are you frustrated with trying to solve your sleep issues and nothing seems to work? If so, it's important to know that most sleep remedies either come with side effects, or they don't go deep enough to change the patterns within your subconscious mind.

The Sleep So Deep 'Frequency Based' Protocol, however, combines words and music in a unique way to automatically change these patterns at the deepest level of the mind.

Sleep Expert Richard Webb

His Frequency Induced Sleep Methods Help
Adults & Children of All Ages

Discover the Keys to Deep Blissful Sleep in Richard's Starter Kit

As more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of getting quality sleep, the search for a solution that's safe and natural has never been more intense. The Sleep So Deep Starter Kit offers a method of getting a good night's sleep that is both safe and natural that also works for children.

Sleep So Deep Starter Kit Benefits

How would deep, blissful sleep affect YOUR quality of life?

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Reduced Stress

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Focus

  • Healthier Choices

  • Improved Mood

and much more!!!

What's Included In Your No Cost Sleep So Deep Starter Kit?

The Sleep So Deep starter kit is designed to help you get the sleep you need in a way that is easy, fun & long lasting and, most importantly, without any harmful side effects… plus it does so with specialized songs that use positive affirmations as the lyrics to retrain your subconscious mind to create new patterns of deep sleep.

Your 14 Day Free Trial Lets You Experience Our Sleep So Deep Transformational Tools without spending a dime!

Sleep so deep pdf guide

Access & download an easy to use step by step guide to help improve the quality and length ot your sleep each night.

Training Videos for Sleep Issues

Watch & listen as Richard explains how this ‘frequency based’ protocol helps create optimal sleep patterns and learn the steps required to activate the subconscious mind to do it automatically.

Positive Affirmation Songs for Sleep

Our songs are much more than just entertainment. Since music affects all areas of the brain more than anything else, the positive messages within the lyrics will have a more profound and lasting effect than just words alone. Each song you receive has been carefully created to help you (and anyone who listens) transform their beliefs, patterns and emotions in a positive direction as it relates to sleep. Tuned to harmonious frequencies that are in alignment with nature and love, you will feel the difference as you listen (and even sing along) to the beautiful melodies. Let the magic begin!

BEAM Audio Tracks for Sleep

B.E.A.M. stands for Binaural Empowerment Accelerator Music. These musical tracks are designed to bypass the part of your brain that blocks change. It does so by activating each hemisphere of your brain separate from the other and takes you into a deep state of relaxation where the words and music combine to establish the energetic patterns of deep, restful sleep. (Recommended use is no more than once a day for 30 minutes. Headphones required.)

Song Subliminal Audio Tracks for Sleep

Unlike normal subliminal tracks, ‘song’ subliminals do not use spoken words as the background inaudible portion of the track. Instead, a scientifically crafted song that uses positive affirmations as the lyrics is played in the background while the foreground consists of one of our beautiful nature sound tracks. This allows your subconscious mind to absorb both the emotional and psychological components at a much deeper level in order to create new patterns of deep, restful sleep. (Recommended use is as needed throughout the day and before bed. Headphones not required.)

Bonus Video - How We Infuse Songs Into Water To Create Magical Results

Dr. Masaru Emoto, is well known for having demonstrated that the molecular structure of water is shaped by the nature of speech or thoughts directed at the water. His photographs show beautiful crystalline patterns from water infused with love and ugly patterns from water infused with hate. Its been proven scientifically that water stores information.

At, we use water as an integral part of our process by infusing it with our high vibrational songs in a certain way and then drinking the water. Doing so brings the energy of ‘what you want to create’ into your body, which basically ‘hard wires’ you for success in those areas. We teach you how to charge and infuse the water yourself. The results that people experience is mind blowing as it automates the process of transformation in a new and different way regardless of where someone is at in their life! Watch the video to learn more!

Watch & Listen How Others Improve Their Sleep Using these Tools!

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We truly want you to feel better

and would love for you to join

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We truly want you to feel better

and would love for you to join

our community of people

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We truly want you to feel better

and would love for you to join

our community of people

Try the Sleep So Deep System Free for 14 Days

We are confident that you will experience better sleep using these tools and have provided them up front so you can experience the positive results even before entering payment info.

Sleep So Deep is Fun & Easy

Instead of worrying about side effects from pills and/or surface level treatments, how about trying something new that can change your sleep patterns at the deepest levels of your mind?

We truly want you to feel better and would love for you to join our community of people who are using musical frequencies to improve their lives in significant ways.

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